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familiars's Journal

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Hi there, and welcome to the world of familiars!

In this community, you will find a place where animals and humans share a special bond, where spirits, from other realms and from dreams can thrive. This is not a world of petty differences. This is a world where all things are possible.

What is a familiar?

A familiar can be many things. Here are some common examples:

  • A familiar is a demon or imp who is summoned to this world and forced to do the bidding of its master, bound in chains.
  • A familiar is a special pet, or companion, who shares a special and unique bond with a human, and can relate with them through telepathy, empathy, and understanding.
  • A familiar is an animal who can shape shift into other beings, and with the human it belongs to, in order to acquire artifacts for spells and rituals, and to assist with the performance of these things.
  • A familiar is a kin of the imp, an anti-fairy, a lesser demon, and a mischievious being.
  • A familiar is the totem animal, or spiritual being of the person who is attached to it.
  • A familiar is a dragon, elf, fairy, or other mystical being who relates in a special way to its human companion, and can take more mundane form such as an animal or another human being.
  • A familiar is a crystal or rock which can bring forth energies to whoever is holding it.

    And there are many more than these! All of these will be accepted and embraced by this community. If you believe that it is a familiar, then it is welcome here. All beliefs and opinions are welcome. And please do not come here trying to force your beliefs on others, or trying to prevent people from voicing their beliefs. All are welcome. You are not required to have a familiar in order to join. Nor even to understand what one is. Simply to have an interest in the topic. Trolls are not welcome. People who come to this community to harass its users and the community as a whole are not welcome here. But people who feel a kinship to this community are.


  • No negative comments. Not against a person, their familiar, their beliefs, or anyone. Keep it all positive.
  • Keep it on topic.
  • Use LJ-cut for all long posts and pictures. Saves space that way.

  • The community maintainer is officially satin_in_satin