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Merry Meet!

I've been searching for some communities related to witchcraft and found that this one might be perfect for me.The "familiar" part of the Craft was probably the one that always interested me the most and I hope I can learn new things from this community and get to know some of you better.
About me: my name is Eugenia.I've been into witchcraft ever since I can remember,but discovered Wicca about 3 years ago and started practicing it.My familiar is my cat?a gray tabby, with whom I have very strong spiritual bonds ever since he first came into my house.He mostly plays the role of a guardian for me,but also adds a lot in my rituals.Strangely enough,I also have a familiar "plant",but that is already another story.These two are physical beings that are close to me,but I also have a few in the astral plane.The first is a wolf named Alaspher that is practically my soul.He is always with me,helping me a lot with magic and life itself.The second one is a falcon.I call him Silence,for I do not know his true name currently,though I feel I could discover it if I ever wanted to.For now he responds to "Silence" and we are both perfectly okay with that name.I feel that this falcon has been with me in my previous lives,though none of us "speak" of it.He rarely is near me,mostly flying far from me.I can reach him by meditating and sometimes see through his eyes.There are a few other creatures in the astral plane I am related to,but those aren't stable so I guess it ain't really worth it to speak of them.
Anyways,I hope to hear more from this community soon. :)
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